Data Glossary

See below for a list of data sets identified by TMO: 

Data Set Category Source Notes
Texas Open Data Portal General State of Texas Contains hundreds of data sets from a dozen State of Texas departments and agencies.
Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program Demographics Texas Demographic Center The TPEPP was established to meet a growing demand for population estimates for places and counties and for estimates and projections for counties that had age, sex and race/ethnicity detail.
Water Use Survey Water Texas Water Development Board Historic Water Use Estimates are available across a range of Texas geographies, with some data dating back to 1974
2017 Texas State Water Plan Water Texas Water Development Board Combines population and water use projections to identify future demands and supply through 2070
National Land Cover Database  Land Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium A nationwide data on land cover and land cover change at a 30m resolution with a 16-class legend, available intermittently between 2001 - 2016
Urban Mobiilty Report Transportation Texas A&M Transportation Institute Traffic and congestion data for 101 urban areas (1982 to 2017), with a recent expanded data set for 393 urban areas (2017 only)
Building Permits Real Estate Texas A&M Real Estate Center The # of units and $ value of residential construction from 1999 to 2018, available for all US states and Metro areas.
Database of Road Transportation Emissions Energy Oak Ridge National Lab CO2 emissions from the on-road transportation sector are provided annually for 1980-2017 as a continuous surface at a spatial resolution of 1 km